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The 7 Big Questions…

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Take a 20 minutes, visit the site watch the videos. Prove to yourself that the life you are living apart from God is the right choice.

We all have questions, and “The 7 Big Questions” series covers some of the biggest questions surrounding God. This series has been developed to help facilitate meaningful conversation. Simply watch a series of videos and discuss them with the questions provided.

There are two videos per session to watch and discuss. Questions to consider are also provided below each video as well as links to content related to each week’s topic for further exploration.

This series is great for just about anyone who has questions about God, and the truth is: that’s everyone! None of us has it all figured out, and this series is designed to tee up great conversation around these big questions.

Session 1: Does Life Have a Purpose?
Session 2: Is There a God?
Session 3: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
Session 4: Is Christianity Too Narrow?
Session 5: Is Jesus Really God?
Session 6: Is the Bible Reliable?
Session 7: Can I Know God Personally?

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