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Cedar City, Utah, mayor Gerald R. Sherratt, to advertise

the upcoming April 1st Himmeslk festival in the city, made

up a story for a newspaper advertisement, all in the April 1st

spirit, explaining that the city recently discovered ancient

Viking artifacts in a nearby cave. And that the artifacts

ended up in the city owing to the area having once been part

of a South Pacific island that became unhinged by

earthquakes and tsunamis and eventually floated all the way

over to Cedar City, Utah. And the story finally ends by

saying that had the U.S. government not only erased all

evidence of the area’s history, the U.S. government would

owe descendents of King Blodosk, the then Viking king,

$88.7 billion.

Obviously far-fetched, you say? So, what do you think

happened next?

Cedar City began getting calls and letters from some people

in St.Georges, Utah, claiming to be descendents of King Blodosk,

and laying claim to the imaginary treasures in the imaginary

cave in the imaginary land.

Mayor Sherratt’s exasperated explanation that he made the

whole thing up to promote the festival has only been met with

counter claims that the he and other officials are doing a


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