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Southern vocabulary

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We provide this translation of the Southern vocabulary in an attempt to

teach them Yankees how to talk rightly.

Ah – The things you see with.

Aig – Which came first, the chicken or the aig?

Arn – An electrical instrument used to remove wrinkles from clothing.

Bawl – What water does.

Bidness – The art of selling something for more than you paid for it.

Bobbycue – A delectable Southern sandwich of chopped pork, cole slaw,

and a fiery sauce.

Bud – Small feathered creature that flies.

Cheer – A piece of furniture used for sitting.

Chekatawfarya – Heard at service stations in small Southern towns.

Co-Cola – Soft drink.

Crine – Weeping.

Dawfins – Name of the professional football team in Miami.

Daints – A more or less formal event in which members of the opposite

sex hold each other and move rhythmically to the south of music.

Doc – A condition caused by the absence of light.

Etlanna – The city General Sherman burned during the war for Southern


Everthang – All-encompassing.

Far – A state of combustion that produces heat and light.

Foller – Spies and private detectives spend a lot of time doing this.

Git – To acquire.

Goff- A game played with clubs and a little white ball.

Gull – A young female.

Hale – Where General Sherman went for what he did to Etlanna.

Heidi – noun. Greeting

Hep – To aid or benefit.

Hire Yew – "How are you?"

Idinit – "Mighty hot today, idinit?"

Keer – To be concerned.

Lieberry – A building containing thousands of literary works.

Moanin – Between daybreak and noon.

Motuhsickle – A two-wheeled missile with a powerful engine.

Munts – The 12 units into which the calendar year is divided.

Nawth – Any part of the country outside of the South.

Nekkid – To be unclothed.

Ovair – In that direction.

Own – Instead of awf.

Phrasin – Very cold.

Pitcher – An image, either drawn or photographed.

Sebmup – Soft drink similar to ginger ale.

Show – "It show is hot today."

Spearmint – Something scientist do.

Stow – Place where things are sold.

Tal – What you dry off with after you take a share.

Tar – Round inflatable object that sometimes goes flat.

Uhmukin – Someone who lives in the United States of Uhmurka.

Zackly – Precisely


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