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Amazing pictures…with descriptions

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largest carousel in the world…..117 metres

Tourquise lake created in the crator. National Park Tongariro-New Zealand

Restaurant on a cliff….east coast of Zanzibar .
Dependent on the waves that day…….you can get there by walking or a boat.

Custom made office of company named Selgas Cano….in Madrid .

Desert with flowers. Blooms once every few years.

Aerostuds in Kapadokiya.

Dubai. View from a skyscraper Burj Halifa. Height 828 metres/163 floors.

and this is the view straight down…

these types of trees grow in the Grifino forest of Poland . Reason for the curve….unknown

Border between Belgium and Holland in one of the caffes

Twice a year in Mexico this type of migration happens. Around 10,000 of these fish swim from Yucatan to Florida in the spring and then they come back in the fall

In a tourism filled city of Skagen you can see this incredible natural sight. This city is the most northern point of Danish people…..where the Baltic sea “meets” the North sea . Two different seas can not be combined together thus creating this line

In a Chinese province of Shandun ….lies a bridge through Tziaochjoy. Bridge is more then 36 km long and has 8 driving lanes…..and is the longest sea bridge in the world

Night and Day. Statue in Caunace, Litva.

unusual tunnes in California ’s Sequoia National Park

This statue, created by Bruno Catalano is located in France

The longest trafic jam in the world was created in China . Length=260 kilometres

Paris store of computer games. In reality….the floor is completely flat

Artist Marcus Levine creates him works of art with a hammer, white board and nails. Last series of his work shown in London ….Marcus used more then 50, 000 nails.

House of Rizz – Germany

Lens polls. Russia . Lake Elena .

Bridge Vapro in Seoul , South Korea .

Favels, Brazil. Border between the rich and the poor

Lost heaven in Indian ocean . Island Laamu.

Balcony on 103rdfloor in Chicago .

Outside it looks like this……

View of sunset from the inside of the wave.

This unique geological sight is known as Danxia landform. You can see it in few locations in China . This example is located in Zhangye, province of Gansu . Colour is the result of built up of million years of red sands and other sand colours.

On north-west state of Montana , USA . Water is so clear that it appears as though it’s very shallow. However it’s very deep.

Aeroport on Maldives , located on man made island right in the middle of Indian ocean

The person who works there in the Mare light house in France must be the most manliest men alive! Not just anyone will come out for a smoke in such crazy weather and in such a crazy place!

Photo of storm in Montana , USA , 2010

Skyscraper “ Crescent Moon Tower ” in Dubai

Heavy fog in Sydney that has swallowed the whole city

Lake above a lake. Magdeburg water bridge.

Morning Glory – view of the clouds, seen above the coast of Karpentaria, northern part of Australia

Aeroport Gibraltara, one the most unusual in the world


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  1. Great photo display of mystical world wonders

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