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All that stuff that the grandparents forward….

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Better Than Paper Towels

I know … but, some are pretty GOOD IDEAS??

Better than paper towels.


Who knew! And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for $1.00, even the large ones.

1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers.

2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome… Coffee filters are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling.

3. Protect China by separating your good dishes with a coffee filter between each dish.

4. Filter broken cork from wine. If you break the cork when opening a wine bottle, filter the wine through a coffee filter.

5. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.

6. Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter.

7. Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain oil through a sieve lined with a coffee filter.

8. Weigh chopped foods. Place chopped ingredients in a coffee filter on a kitchen scale.

9. Hold tacos. Coffee filters make convenient wrappers for messy foods.

10. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from going through the drainage holes.

11. Prevent a Popsicle from dripping. Poke one or two holes as needed in a coffee filter.

12. Do you think we used expensive strips to wax eyebrows? Use strips of coffee filters..

13. Put a few in a plate and put your fried bacon, French fries, chicken fingers, etc on them.. It soaks out all the grease.

14. Keep in the bathroom. They make great "razor nick fixers."

15. As a sewing backing. Use a filter as an easy-to-tear backing for embroidering or appliquéing soft fabrics.

16. Put baking soda into a coffee filter and insert into shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors.

17. Use them to strain soup stock and to tie fresh herbs in to put in soups and stews.

18 Use a coffee filter to prevent spilling when you add fluids to your car.

19. Use them as a spoon rest while cooking and clean up small counter spills.

20. Can use to hold dry ingredients when baking or when cutting a piece of fruit or veggies. Saves on having extra bowls to wash.

21. Use them to wrap Christmas ornaments for storage.

22. Use them to remove fingernail polish when out of cotton balls.

23. Use them to sprout seeds. Simply dampen the coffee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a zip-lock plastic bag until they sprout.

24. Use coffee filters as blotting paper for pressed flowers. Place the flowers between two coffee filters and put the coffee filters in phone book.

25. Use as a disposable "snack bowl" for popcorn, chips, etc.


I didn’t know most of this stuff!

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Saddle Hills Alberta Grizzly

Big Bear shot Saddle Hills Alberta, Sept 20/2010
These two gents were calling elk in the Saddle Hills south of Woking when this big guy slipped in on the caller, the
shooter spotted the bear 8 yards from the caller and dropped him with 5 shots out of his 338 Rem Mag.. Farmers in
the area new about the bear but weren’t able to track after it had killed 3 horses, 5 cows, 13 sheep and a pen full of chickens on several
different homesteads in the area.
Fish and wildlife had bear traps set up in the area but noticed on surveillance video that when ever he would enter his hump would hit
the top of the culvert trap slowing him enough that the trap door would wack him on the head before he was all the way in. Check out the
scar tissue on his face……

Bear weighed in just under 1300 pounds and would have stood 11 ¾ feet tall on its hind legs…..

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Wow, you learn something everyday


Mirror or a 2-Way Glass?

How can you tell when you are in a room, restroom, motel etc. with a mirror or a 2-way glass?

Here’s how: I thought it was quite interesting! And I know in about 30 seconds you’re going to do what I did and find the nearest mirror.

Do you know how to determine if a mirror is 2-way or not? A policewoman who travels all over the US and gives seminars and techniques for businesswomen passed this on.

When we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc., how many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirror hanging on the wall is a real mirror, or actually a 2-way mirror (i.e., they can see you, but you can’t see them)? There have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms. It is very difficult to positively identify the surface by looking at it.

So, how do we determine with any amount of certainty what type of mirror we are looking at?

Just conduct this simple test: Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is GENUINE mirror. However, if your fingernail DIRECTLY TOUCHES the image of your nail, then BEWARE! IT IS A 2-WAY MIRROR!

"No Space, Leave the Place." So remember, every time you see a mirror, do the "fingernail test." It doesn’t cost you anything.

REMEMBER. No Space, Leave the Place.

Ladies: Share this with your girlfriends, sisters, daughters, etc.

Men: Share this with your wives, daughters, daughters-in-law, mothers, girlfriends and/or friends.


The Grand Canyon–as you’ve NEVER seen it before!!!

The Grand Canyon–as you’ve NEVER seen it before!

Just scroll down.

4 U.S. Air Force Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighters from the 58th Tactical Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona (USA), flying in an echelon left formation over the Grand Canyon.Photo #1 by Camera Operator: TSgt Bob Simons, USAF


Ancestral Puebloan granaries high above the Colorado River at Nankoweap Creek, Grand Canyon.Photo #2 by Drenaline


Grand Canyon Horse Shoe Bend.Photo #3 by Christian Mehlführer


Grand Canyon Walls HD.Photo #4 by WallpaperWeb


Grand Canyon Colors of the Earth.Photo #5 by OilBac


Devils Corkscrew Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon.Photo #6 by Al_HikesAZ


Little red dot against the Grand Canyon.Photo #7 by Eva Prokop


Grand Canyon Arizona.Photo #8 by Ignacio Izquierdo


Cheyava Falls upper cascade Grand Canyon.Photo #9 by Al_HikesAZ


Full Moon over the Grand Canyon.Photo #10 by Matthew Hunt


Beginning a new day rafting the Colorado River Grand Canyon.Photo #11 by Al_HikesAZ


Ooh-Aah Point view storm clouds gathering.Photo #12 by Al_HikesAZ


View to southeast from Clear Creek Camp Grand Canyon.Photo #13 by Al_HikesAZ


Grand Canyon.Photo #14 by Ignacio Izquierdo


Grand Canyon USA.Photo #15 by Tenji


Photographed by Doug Dolde at Grand Canyon National Park.Photo #16 by Doug Dolde


Mountain goat Bighorn, Grand Canyon.Photo #17 by Marcin Wichary from San Francisco, U.S.A.


Upper Beaver Falls from trail Grand Canyon.Photo #18 by Al_HikesAZ


Comanche Point, on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, above the Colorado River.Photo #19 by Doc Searls from Santa Barbara, USA


Grand Canyon behind Ribbon Falls.Photo #20 by Al_HikesAZ


Grand Canyon view from Hermits Rest.Photo #21 by chensiyuan


Grand Canyon taken from Bright Angel.Photo #22 by Tomas Castelazo


Mount Hayden and storm Grand Canyon North Rim.Photo #23 by Al_HikesAZ


Grand Canyon West Guano Point.Photo #24 by Bbarnucz


Colorado River Grand Canyon.Photo #25 by Wolfgang Staudt


Muddy whitewater rafting Grand Canyon.Photo #26 by MolallaRiverCowboy


Colorado River, Marble Canyon marks the beginning of the Grand Canyon.Photo #27 by Joshua M.


Grand Canyon North Rim Panorama.Photo #28 by Jeff Turner from Santa Clarita, CA, United States


Mount Hayden, North Rim Grand Canyon.Photo #29 by James Marvin Phelps from USA


Grand Canyon National Park Arizona.Photo #30 by Poco a poco


Grand Canyon landscape.Photo #31 by High Contrast


Grand Canyon in Winter.Photo #32 by Pescaiolo


Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States.Photo #33 by TFCforever


Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.Photo #34 by Purple


Havasu Falls a waterfall located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon.Photo #35 by Photography Match

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Now this is interesting…I hadn’t seen it before

Interesting! (Another amazing gift we have received)


It’s been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted a garden, made animals and fish… All before making a human. He made and provided what we’d need before we were born. These are best & more powerful when eaten raw.. We’re such slow learners…
God left us a great clue as to what foods help what part of our body!

God’s Pharmacy! Amazing!

A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… And YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.

A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopin and are indeed pure heart and blood food.

Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.

Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.

Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body.

Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).

Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility.

Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries

Oranges , Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts.

Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.

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6,000,000 toothpicks…….

6,000,000 toothpicks…….


He is 38 years old

It took him 6 years to build a city with toothpicks

He used 6 million toothpicks and 170 litres glue
It can take 6 months to build one building, some of the time standing on ladders

He workes at the museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse , New York
Have a look at his creation, he has been called the most patient man inthe world.


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Note on the fridge door


The following was found posted very low on a refrigerator door.

Dear Dogs and Cats: The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Racing me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn’t help because I fall faster than you can run.

I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort, however. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other, stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out on the other end to maximize space is nothing but sarcasm.

For the last time, there is no secret exit from the bathroom! If, by some miracle, I beat you there and manage to get the door shut, it is not necessary to claw, whine, meow, try to turn the knob or get your paw under the edge in an attempt to open the door. I must exit through the same door I entered. Also, I have been using the bathroom for years – canine/feline attendance is not required..

The proper order for kissing is: Kiss me first, then go smell the other dog or cat’s butt. I cannot stress this enough.

Finally, in fairness, dear pets, I have posted the following message on the front door:


(1) They live here. You don’t.
(2) If you don’t want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. That’s why they call it ‘fur’-niture.
(3) I like my pets a lot better than I like most people..
(4) To you, they are animals. To me, they are adopted sons/daughters who are short, hairy, walk on all fours and don’t speak clearly.

Remember, dogs and cats are better than kids because they:
(1) eat less,
(2) don’t ask for money all the time,
(3) are easier to train,
(4) normally come when called,
(5) never ask to drive the car,
(6) don’t smoke or drink,
(7) don’t want to wear your clothes,
(8) don’t have to buy the latest fashions,
(9) don’t need a gazillion dollars for college and
(10) if they get pregnant, you can sell their children …