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Don’t Mess With Texas

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PFC Joel Ramirez graduated Waxahachie HS 2007. His father is a favorite custodian for the WHS, going so far as to study the annual during the summer months so he can address students in the hall by their names. Regardless, he was killed in Afghanistan. His body arrived Friday and services were this evening at 6PM at the Civic Center. There was a tremendous turnout to honor him and his family.

Now, the rest of the story: 2 buses of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas were in Waxahachie to do their thing. They spent last night (Saturday) at the local Holiday Inn Express. This afternoon, when they went to mount their buses, they discovered that the buses were blocked in by abandoned vehicles. So I am told, when they called the police to complain, they were told that all units were busy handling traffic control, and that it would be at least a couple of hours before an officer could respond.

As TXDOT says, "Don’t Mess With Texas."



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